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Bottle Recycling Program

At Green Press, taking care of the environment is one of our top priorities. We aim to reduce our footprint by using reusable glass bottles for our juice.  We also use either compostable or recyclable packaging for our take out menu items. It pays to bring back your glass bottles. 

500 mL = $0.50
250 mL = $0.40
Breakfast Jars = $0.40
1oz = $0.10
Soup Jars 750 mL = $0.50

If you receive your juices by delivery, you can also your bottles outside for us to pick up and we can add the points to your account.

Please rinse the bottles.

Thank you!


COVID-19 – Please note that we have temporarily paused our recycling program due to COVID-19. We are so sorry but cannot accept bottle returns at the time.  Once we resume the program we will definitely update everyone by email and on our social media platforms.  Updated May 17, 2020.